Sandip Subedi - Programmer

Hello, I am Sandip!
I am a Programmer


B.S.C. in Computer Science : Northwest Missouri State University

  • Tutor : Sandip Subedi

    Software Engineer

    July 2017 - Feburary 2021

    - Cerner Corporation

    • Worked as a Full-Stack Developer on Ruby on Rails to create Cerner's private Cloud.
    • Created packages that can be consumed by other applications and users.
    • Designed a project and lead an intern to bring the project to completion.
    • Mentored new hires and coached Cerner Scholars (High School Students).
    • Converted a ruby script to Ruby gem and created a dashboard that collects historical data of potential cost savings on unused storage assets and send report to the user.
    • Created a JavaScript app that collects error messages and presents them to the user.

  • Systems Programmer : Sandip Subedi

    Software Developer

    November 2016 - April 2017

    - Learning and Teaching Center

    • Create an Android app and a web service for workshops
    • Collaborate as a team to develop and maintain software used by the Northwest
    • Upkeep documentation for new and existing services

  • Tutor : Sandip Subedi

    Teaching Assistant

    August 2016 - April 2017

    - School of Computer Science and Information Systems

    • TA for Internet of Things (IoT) and TA/Tutor for Developing Web Apps and Services
    • Run one-one tutoring and help sessions and provide assistance on assignments and projects
    • Assist the professor in the development of a first-time course (IoT)

  • Internet of Things : Sandip Subedi

    Software Engineer Intern

    December 2017 - Feburary 2017

    - Hello Software, LLC

    • Help pioneer the start of a freelance software business
    • Fulfill contracts developing web applications alongside team of 3
    • Participate on all both planning and development phases

  • University Seminar : Peer Advisor : Sandip Subedi

    Peer Advisor

    August 2015 - December 2016

    - Northwest - University Seminar

    • Guide 20-30 freshman students and make them aware about campus resources • Prepare materials for the class presentation and grade papers

  • Technology Support Assistant : Sandip Subedi

    Technology Support Assistant

    August 2014 - January 2017

    • Promoted twice in span of 2 years (Employee -> Assistant -> Associate)
    • Troubleshoot any technological problems students have and train new hires

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These are some of the projects I have done so far

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